Win Runner | Functional Testing | Tool | Training

Win Runner is an automated functional GUI testing tool that allows a user to record and play back UI interactions as test scripts. Win Runner is functional testing software for enterprise IT applications. It captures, verifies and replays user interactions automatically, so you can identify defects and determine whether business processes work as designed. 
Who will the course benefit?
Graduate Students and working professionals who wish to gain expertise in Win runner 
What skills will the student gain?
After the completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  •  Describe Win runner testing and Win Runner User Interface 
  •  Record a test script using TSL for creating scripts. 
  •  Synchronize a test when an application responds slowly to input.  
  •  Create a test that checks GUI objects and bitmaps.  
  •  Create a Batch test.  
  •  Run a single test on several tests of data from a data table. 

Course Contents 

  • Test Automation Introduction
  • Introduction to Win Runner
  • Creating a test script
  • Running a recorded test script
  • Verifying the Application
  • Analyzing test results
  • GUI Map
  • Data-Driving an Automated Test
  • Running tests in Batch mode
  • Test Script Language (TSL)