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In today's scenario when companies are dependent on IT as their primary source of shaping the business, it is increasingly becoming challenging for them to get more done from IT in less time. While, IT has been traditionally looking at stability of production as their first priority, business has been looking at leveraging IT to deliver innovative features that can exceed the needs of their customers.
In the journey of balancing the agility and stability of IT, DevOps principles play a vital role and it is now being sought after by development & operations team alike to build better collaboration reducing the time-to-market. 
Who should attend?
We recommend DevOps qualification to anyone who has ever worked in IT development (applications or infrastructure) or operations OR are currently managing these areas. The workshop is highly important for people who are looking delivering technical/business benefits such as continuous integration, continuous delivery, faster delivery of features while maintaining production stability as well as breaking- down barriers and reducing cycle times.
None, although it is advised to have know-how of ITSM or management/implementation of development streams (application/infrastructure).
Why Choose Us?
Innate Labs is a pioneer in learning and consulting domain and is a preferred service provider for leading MNCs and corporates across the globe. Innate Labs has been delivering consulting development projects on DevOps principles since a decade and has been considered as a authority in this domain when it comes to implementation.
Innate Labs has built the principles into a curriculum providing hands-on experience on the DevOps topics delivered through our SMEs ensuring 100% learning assimilation. The DevOps credentials are valued only if you have hands-on practical experience and Innate Labs is committed to providing you the un-matched experience.
Our Philosophy
We believe doing a certification is an important well-thought decision of our delegates. We would not only enable our delegates to achieve success in certification exams but also equip them with the right skills and knowledge to take the professional challenges heads on. We believe that clearing a certification exam can give you a certificate which is nothing but a piece of paper if you do not have the right knowledge to prove your credentials. 
Certification without knowledge can lend someone to an interview call but cannot help someone to get a job or grow in their career path. Knowledge is the core and certification is just a proof of your knowledge.
Hence, our trainings are knowledge-driven rather than just certification-driven, and, the end result of our training is a 100% success in the certification exam as well as increased confidence of our delegates to leverage their career with the knowledge shared.
Our Trainers
Our trainers are Industry Experts/Implementors and are regarded as the authority in the DevOps domain who have 15+ years of practical implementation experience working in all the phases of application development and operations for global MNCs and have played several roles in the management ladder.
It is this experience that enables our delegates to gain the right practical knowledge coupled with the best practice standards helping them to achieve their career aspirations in our training and certification sessions.
DevOps Certification Program Structure
DevOps is all about building better collaboration (technological & human). DevOps is an ideology rather than a technology or methodology. There is no governing body who owns the principles and like Lean SixSigma principles, it is the content delivery & implementation experience sharing that matters the most in such qualifications/certifications. Innate Labs has built and pioneered the certification program which is now widely adopted in different arenas under different structures.
The InnateLabs DevOps certification program is structured into three parts, i.e. DevOps Preliminary, DevOps Intermediate & DevOps Expert. Preliminary certification is mandatory for the intermediate & expert paths.
While the preliminary level is focused on providing the know-how around the concepts as well as the cultural challenges & sets the foundations, the intermediate & Expert levels are focused on the implementation aspects of DevOps using industry leading toolsets  e.g. Atlassian Jira, Confluence, Bamboo, Puppet, Jenkins, Ansible, Chef, Salt, Nagios etc.
The Preliminary is the most sought after in the management domains where project / service managers are expected to drive the culture of collaboration through implementation of DevOps principles.
The Intermediate & Expert paths are more hands-on in nature and are focused on technical leads/managers or senior technical profiles who are more inclined towards the implementation.
Course Deliverables (Preliminary)
• Pre-study enrollment pack consisting of DevOps reference material
• Case studies/assignments (based on real life scenarios)
• Reference study aids, sample exams, templates, tools & techniques
• Extensive Support (Email/Phone) (Access to Innate Labs - DevOps Forums)
• Additional guidance
• Extended interactions with Industry Expert Consultants
• Access to our Industry Expert Consultants post training program around implementation aspects

Course Fees Includes:
• DevOps Preliminary Training Fees
• InnateLabs DevOps Preliminary Certification Examination Fees
• 4-Star Conferencing Facilities including lunch, Tea/Coffee
• Course Deliverables as stated above
DevOps Preliminary Training Course Outline

Introduction - what is DevOps

  • Introduction - what is DevOps
  • Development & Operations
  • DevOps Principles
  • DevOps - Requiring The Cultural Shift
  • DevOps & Automation
  • DevOps - Implementation Overview
  • DevOps and Other Framework Considerations (ITIL, PMP, PRINCE2, Agile, Lean SixSigma)

Specially built scenarios and comprehensive sets of related tasks help provide a practical application of the DevOps principles.

Examination Format

  • Multiple Choice
  • 50 questions each worth one mark
  • 30 marks or more required to pass out of 50 questions - 60% pass mark
  • Duration : 75 minutes

The DevOps training class sizes are limited. The DevOps training and certification course includes work-based practical activities and discussions as well as sample questions.


  • Certification Workshops